iPhones With Fortnite Installed

IPhones With Fortnite Installed Sold For $US 10K

iPhones With Fortnite Installed Sold For $US 10.000 On eBay. From chaos always arises certain opportunism. Following Fortnite’s disappearance from the App Store, iPhones with the Epic Games game still installed are selling for around $ 10,000 on eBay.

Opportunism, a masculine name which, according to the Larousse dictionary, designates an “attitude consisting in adjusting one’s conduct according to the circumstances of the moment, which one seeks to always use in the best of one’s interests. Amid the turmoil between Epic Games and Apple, eBay online sales platforms are now populated by opportunists keen to take advantage of them.

Apple has removed the iOS mobile version of the Fortnite game, developed and published by Epic, from its App Store. Since then, many players and owners of an iPhone or iPad have wondered if they will be able to find their favorite “battle royale” on their device of choice. To meet this demand, some unscrupulous individuals are currently selling iPhones on which the famous online game is, a priori, installed.

iPhones With Fortnite Installed Sold For $US 10.000 On eBay

And their price is beyond belief: according to SlashGear, most Apple smartphones sell for around $ 10,000. The price of other devices can sometimes drop as low as $ 4,300, again with the promise of having Fortnite preinstalled. As a reminder, this game was originally intended to be free. Also, if Fortnite is now not found in the Apple App Store or even the Google Play Store on Android, the game can still be re-installed.

As we explained last week, for those who have already installed the Epic Games title on their iPhone in the past, just go to the “My purchases” section of the App Store. All the free or paid applications already installed by you can be found there. You will then have to search for Fortnite in the list, to download it again.

The Epic Games title was removed from the Apple App Store and then from the Google Play Store after conflicting with the guidelines for the two mobile app stores. The video game publisher has promoted direct microtransactions to circumvent the mandatory taxation of 30% of revenues generated at Apple.

The gesture was in defiance of this rule, with the aim of denouncing the economic practices of the Cupertino giant. To do this, Epic Games even went so far as to parody the famous Macintosh commercial in 1984, referring to the eponymous dystopia of George Orwell.

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