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PUBG Mobile – Best Way To install On Android 10

PUBG Mobile is a very intense, fun game

that brings the cool battle royale experience to the mobile world. This is creative fun, with unique gameplay mechanics and you will find it a lot of fun to enjoy and play. The great thing about it is that you can play and enjoy it after a quick installation.

How to install PUBG Mobile?

The first thing that you want to do is to go ahead and just download the game from the Google Play Store. The game is available in most regions all over the world, but keep in mind that it will be a little large. The download can take a while, but wait for a bit and once you get into the game, you can customize some options to really make it play the way you want and without a problem.

PUBG Mobile

Pick the right landing location

You need to realize that every landing location has its own pros and cons. The best PUBG Mobile landing spots depend on the map. You want a place where there’s quality loot, but not a lot of people. That will make things easier and you will appreciate the results and how everything comes together here. Going on a less appealing area is better since the chances of staying alive are higher.

Loot first, then start killing people

It’s important to acquire quality loot, so you need to loot first and then think about shooting enemies. That will help you a lot since you can gear up and ensure everything is working exactly the way you want. Proper looting is imperative here, so explore the map to get better loot, shoot people as they come to you.

Avoid shooting when you are out of range

The only thing this does for you in PUBG Mobile is it signals your location. You want to avoid that, instead, you need to plan your attack and then go from there. It’s a very impressive approach and you will appreciate the intense gameplay and creative ideas.

Keep an eye on the circle

The circle is moving all the time in PUBG Mobile. You need to stay ahead of it, otherwise, you will lose. Take your time with the exploration, but don’t stay outside of the circle, as it will retreat and you can end up getting damaged.

Take a car or a bike if possible

Using these will help you cover more ground, and it will make things easier especially in the early times during the game. It will help immensely when you have lots of space to cover. You can also reach the safe zones a lot easier.

PUBG Mobile Conclusion

One thing is certain, playing PUBG Mobile is a lot of fun, but it takes time to get better and better. With the right amount of patience, you will be able to find lots of cool times inside the game. Plus, you will get better and enjoy your time, you just have to check it out for yourself and have fun with it!

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